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Bansho Banshi|Aburame of Konoha|Complete Bleach10

Bansho Banshi|Aburame of Konoha|Complete

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Bansho Banshi|Aburame of Konoha|Complete Empty Bansho Banshi|Aburame of Konoha|Complete

Post by Bansho Banshi on Thu Aug 30, 2012 3:04 am

Name: Bansho Banshi "A.K.A" Bansho Aburame

Age: Thirty Years Old

Village: Konohagakure no Sato

Rank: Hokage of the Hidden Leaf


"Would you be proud of me uncle? Would you be proud of the man I have become today?" Bansho asks himself this, for his past is one of both happy and sad memories, and of course those that are bittersweet. Bansho Aburame's parents died when he was a young man, killed by a Sunagakure assassin. He was raised by his uncle, a man already widowed. It was a dark time for the Aburame clan, with clan heads rising here and there and many of the members dying. Konohogakure feared that the clan would find extinction, but it fought on through the prodigal youth that was born to it. It is argued that Bansho was one such youth, but the only base to this argument is that he rose to the highest rank possible in the Konohogakure village. But if you asked Bansho, he would tell you it was because he never gave up, and because he had a wonderful teacher.

Uncle died when he was seventeen years old, still a Genin. He had not ranked up through normal means, his uncle was a proctor for the academy and trained him by himself. Since he was one of the head proctors, he had the authority to pass down the Genin rank to those he saw fit to receive it. He also had never been placed into a squad officially, but instead was sent on solo missions given to him by the Hokage. A person who's legend is defined in their own story. At eighteen years old, Bansho attended the Chuunin exams being held in Kusagakure, the Village Hidden in Grass. Masters of diplomacy and jutsu involving grass and sound waves that could compete with Otogakure. For the duration of the exam, he was placed with two other Aburames, and with the synchronous tactics of the clan. All three made it to the finals.

But it was Bansho that rose above, his uncle had trained him well in the art of Kikaichū and he was in perfect sync with not only the hive nest within, but with himself as well. He rose to the high expectations of the leaders of the villages and to the daimyo's of some of the other countries as well, it was because of this that the Aburame clan began to reassert their position and power in not only Konohagakure but all over the shinobi world. Missions poured in asking for him specifically; and it was not long until he had proved himself. Raising from a Chuunin to a Jounin in just three months.

Such a thing was unheard of and was historical in Konohagakure. And for the next twelve years, he honed his skills and went on missions. Bonding with the fellow Konohagakure shinobi he had come to call friends. When the old Hokage fell sick, the whispers began to emerge, whom would take their place? When old Hokage finally succumbed to old age. The names were cast, the votes were tallied.

And at the young age of thirty years old, the boy who had become one of the most elite shinobi within a span of three months, was chosen for Hokage. Where the story begins, having only had the title for a month. Bansho is still overwhelmed with the power he has been given, but the ability he possesses is great, what will he accomplish as Hokage?

Hopefully many great things...


Bansho, the Hokage. This is a huge responsibility... Therefore his personality has changed since when he was a child, despite the childish tendencies he still has within him. His main purpose is to protect the Hidden Leaf, as all Hokages are supposed to do. But with his roots deep in Konohagakure history. The amount of love and power he feels whenever he walks around the village or instructs a group of students; this is a powerful feeling. One could argue that he has the potential to be the most famous Hokage in history, reaching the status of the likes of Hiruzen Sarutobi and Minato Namikaze. He is not one to brag however, so he doesn't often tell people that he believes in himself.

As an Aburame, he has that natural quiet and analytic personality that most of his family members have. Always observing his surroundings, as the motto goes. "Everything, even an insect; has potential, so one must always observe everything at it's fullest. But when approached with conversation he is always talkative. Way more so than most in his family, and his tone is always joyful and loving. Especially towards younglings, he has a special preference towards Genin; as they are the future generation and someday it may be one of them that replaces him as Hokage.

In battle, he is fierce and always fights to his full strength. "Even the smallest bug can be dangerous, therefore I will fight at full strength." He often has the tendency to try and end a battle very quickly though, and can get stressed when a battle drags out for long periods of time. But when he has an opponent within his grasp, then he releases the full potential of the Aburame clan, and few have lived through it.


Bansho Banshi|Aburame of Konoha|Complete 2wciumf

Even though Bansho is supposed to wear the Hokage Robes that are standard with the title, he prefers the comfortable and sturdy clothes of the Aburame clan. The above picture is what he wears during a combat situation, he has both a pouch of kikai bugs and a special gourd on his back which contains the insects. He always wears sunglasses, this is because of the fact that his body is a hive containing the kikai, his eyes are filled with the bugs and he hates creeping people out. His hair is black and spiky, and under the glasses he has bright black eyes. His face is handsome and chiseled, which seems to be common in the Aburame, they do have good genetics after all...

He is six feet three inches tall, quite tall for someone in the village. But he doesn't tower over everyone, he weighs around one hundred and eighty pounds, but when his body is completely overflowing with kikai, then his weight increases exponentially to two hundred and twenty pounds. His arms are strong and powerful and he has the build of a healthy shinobi male, he doesn't have chiseled muscles, but his body is tight and toned like one would expect. His legs are the longest part of his body but they are strong and are able to keep up with the heavy weight of his equipment and body.

His casual clothes often consist of a Konohagakure flak jacket with three pouches and the familiar gourd on his back, he is a smoker. So often he will light one up, being the Hokage is a stressful job and it gives him a state of peace. His pair of glasses changes into a pair of tight goggles with a jet black tint. His hair is spiked high and his forehead is slightly large, so it gives him a very powerful appearance. Other than this, he prefers comfortable clothes over everything. So you won't often catch him in something formal, if ever.

Element(s): Bansho Banshi|Aburame of Konoha|Complete 2il1myd Doton (土地)

Clan: Aburame

Kekkei Genkai: Kikaichū - Parasitic Insects

Clan Element: N / A

♪♫Bansho of the Aburame Clan♪♫
Bansho Banshi|Aburame of Konoha|Complete 2z4l4ap
♪♫Fire Shadow♪♫
Bansho Banshi
Bansho Banshi

Element(s): :
  • Earth

Age : 37
Location : Konohagakure no Sato

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Bansho Banshi|Aburame of Konoha|Complete Empty Re: Bansho Banshi|Aburame of Konoha|Complete

Post by Kaito Uchiha on Thu Aug 30, 2012 3:10 am


Bansho Banshi|Aburame of Konoha|Complete 2ah9s9w

Taijutsu: 60
Ninjutsu: 100
Genjutsu: 80
Tools: 40
Kaito Uchiha
Kaito Uchiha

Dojutsu :
  • Sharingan

Element(s): :
  • Fire
  • Lightning

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