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Creating A Village Bleach10

Creating A Village

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Creating A Village Empty Creating A Village

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 20, 2012 2:53 am


-S-ranked. (Must be able to protect their village.)
-Must have a kage. (S-Ranked ninja)
-Active. (Self-explanatory.)
-Staff Approval. (Administrators or Mods must approve the member of being capable of running a village.)
-At least five members that wishes to join. (Otherwise we would have a one member village.)
-23,000 Ryo (To buy the land and build Kage Office.)

He or she will gain a two week immunity against being attacked or whatever if she and her members can keep quiet about the village to other member

You have to pay for buildings other than your kage building, which is also what is given to you when you begin to build the village.

Hospital: 10,000 Ryo

Academy: 12,000 Ryo

Training Grounds: 12,000 Ryo


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