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A New Set of Power (Flashback) Bleach10

A New Set of Power (Flashback)

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A New Set of Power (Flashback) Empty A New Set of Power (Flashback)

Post by Shin Uchiha on Sat Sep 01, 2012 7:02 am

Shin looked as Sasuke walked in he was ready to begin a new start of power. Shin looked at Sasuke closely "Are you ready?" Sasuke looked back then spoke "I am ready." Shin walked forward and reached out his hand was shaking slightly he was excited for new power. His hand was placed on to Sasuke's shoulder, His hand then began to glowing red as Shin watched the as he gained two new elements from Sasuke. Shin finished and removed his hand "Sasuke, your elements are lightning and fire. Now I have lightning and fire to add to my colection. Your dismissed." After those words were spoken Shin turned and spoke again "Orochimaru hows the research groups doing with finding the DNA?" Orochimaru looked up from the scroll he was reading. He was wearing a traditional jounin uniform, He then spoke "We haven't found much, oh and the mechanical corps. has began researching new machines to improve our village security." Shin looked slightly pleased "Okay dismissed." Orochimaru nodded and then body flickered back to his post.


Shin's MS:
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]


Taijutsu: 100
Ninjutsu: 70
Genjutsu: 70
Tools: 40

Edo Tensei Stats:

Sasuke Stats:

Taijutsu: 80
Ninjutsu: 100
Genjutsu: 0
Tools: 95

Itachi Stats:

Taijutsu: 95
Ninjutsu: 100
Genjutsu: 100
Tools: 50

Orochimaru Stats:

Taijutsu: 70
Ninjutsu: 100
Genjutsu: 70
Tools: 0
Shin Uchiha
Shin Uchiha

Dojutsu :
  • Sharingan

Element(s): :
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Lightning

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