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Bansho Banshi|The Hokage Bleach10

Bansho Banshi|The Hokage

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Post by Bansho Banshi on Sun Sep 02, 2012 9:28 pm


Name: Bansho Banshi|Bansho Aburame

Age: 30

Rank: Hokage

Elements: Bansho Banshi|The Hokage 33cq8si Doton (土地)

Current Ryo: 0000



Ninjutsu: 180
Genjutsu: 100


(36/80 Jutsu)
Aburame Clan: Nano Venomous Insects
Secret Ninja Art: Insect Wall
Secret Ninja Art: Kikaichū Cyclone
Secret Ninja Art: Insect Clone
Secret Ninja Art: Simple Swarm
Secret Ninja Art: Insect Destruction
Secret Ninja Art: Kikai Spikes
Secret Ninja Art: Great Cocoon of Insects
Secret Ninja Art: Insect Gathering
Secret Ninja Art: One Female Bug
Secret Ninja Art: Massive Insect Annihilation
Earth Style: Double Suicide Decapitation
Earth Style: Mud Wall
Earth Style: Underground Fish Projection Technique
Earth Style: Earth Rampart
Earth Style: Earth Dragon Bullet
Earth Style: Earth Bedrock Coffin
Earth Style: Earth Flow River
Earth Style: Underworld Swamp Creation
Earth Style: Earth Spear Defense
Earth Style: Earth Shore Turn
Earth Style: Earth Prison Dome
Earth Style: Stone Lodging Destruction
Genjutsu Art: Haze Clone Technique
Genjutsu Art: Death Viewing Technique
Genjutsu Art: Bringer of Darkness Technique
Genjutsu Art: Sly Mind Attack Technique
Genjutsu Art: Tree Bind Death
Genjutsu Art: Temple of Nirvana Technique
Genjutsu Art: Sexy no Jutsu
Ninja Art: Chakra Chains
Ninja Art: Poisonous Mist Technique
Ninja Art: Shadow Clone Technique
Ninja Art: Needle Jizo
Ninja Art: Summoning Technique
Ninja Art: Combination Transformation
Fuuinjutsu: Four Corners Sealing Method

Other Information:

Kekkei Genkai:
Aburame Clan - Parasitic Insects

Current Equipment:
N / A

♪♫Bansho of the Aburame Clan♪♫
Bansho Banshi|The Hokage 2z4l4ap
♪♫Fire Shadow♪♫
Bansho Banshi
Bansho Banshi

Element(s): :
  • Earth

Age : 37
Location : Konohagakure no Sato

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