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The Laws of Konohagakure Under "Bansho Banshi" Bleach10

The Laws of Konohagakure Under "Bansho Banshi"

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The Laws of Konohagakure Under "Bansho Banshi" Empty The Laws of Konohagakure Under "Bansho Banshi"

Post by Bansho Banshi on Sun Sep 02, 2012 9:56 pm

"It is my will and order that the following laws be followed by all loyal Konohagakure shinobi, failure to uphold these laws will result in fines, community service, jail time, ANBU interrogation, prison time, and/or death. I; Bansho Banshi, Hokage of Konohagakure. Initiate the following..."

"Any criminal offense which is not displayed here is still punishable and charges are based on the Hokage's discretion."

Public Disturbances:
- Any act which causes any disturbance to any citizen of Konohagakure is a misdemeanor, and such will result in a fine of three hundred ryo and forty-eight hours community service for a third degree offense and a fine of a thousand ryo, seventy-two hours of community service and three days jail time for a first degree offense.

Public Display of Nudity/Urination/Defecation
- Any act which displays an inappropriate showing of genitalia or act of public urination/defecation is a low-class felony and results in a fine of two-thousand ryo, a week of jail time and a psychiatric evaluation by the Konohagakure Medical Corps.

- Any act which displays public vandalism and/or littering is a high-class misdemeanor and will result in a fee of two hundred ryo, and/or jail-time based on the severity of the charge. Severity is the Hokage's discretion.

Public Intoxication
- Public Intoxication which causes any disturbance in the village will result in immediate detainment, a fine of five hundred ryo and alcoholic safety education courses.

- Any act which displays theft of private property or of property of a store or other dwelling will result in three months of jail-time, a fee of three-thousand ryo for third degree offenses, and six months of prison time, and a fee of seven-thousand ryo for a first degree offense. Any criminal that commits this act more than three times, will have his/her right hand cut off, in accordance with the law.

Assault/Domestic Disturbance
- Any act which displays assault and/or domestic disturbance will result in ANBU interrogation, a fee of ten-thousand ryo, all shinobi rights revoked (if committed by a shinobi) and a year of prison time. The Hidden Leaf does not condone with assault, assault on women will result in all punishments doubled and the criminal will be publicly displayed under shackles for twenty-four hours.

- Any act which displays rape or molestation of a citizen of Konohagakure will result in public execution of the criminal.

- Any act of murder will result in ANBU interrogation, and up to twenty-five years of prison time depending on the severity of the charge, a fee of one million ryo is required. Any act which is considered multiple homicide or serial killing will result in public execution and all members of the family that committed the act will be forever banned from becoming shinobi. Failure to do so will result in public display in shackles for seventy-two hours.

Passport Forgery
- A forged passport, by a citizen of Konohagakure will require a fee of ten-thousand to twenty-thousand ryo, and a year of consecutive community service.

Criminal Departure/Unlawful Leaving of Village
- Any shinobi or citizen which leaves the village after committing a crime or without leaving by the proper means will be treated as a rogue ninja or criminal ninja and will be hunted down by the fullest extent of the law.

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