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Saso Uzumaki Bleach10

Saso Uzumaki

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Saso Uzumaki Empty Saso Uzumaki

Post by Saso on Sun Sep 02, 2012 11:16 pm

Name: Saso Uzumaki
Village: Iwagakure 
Rank: Tsuchikage 
Academy Years-
Saso was a pretty small kid with a big dream. His parents where both body guards for the Tsuchikage during that time and they had inspired him to be a great ninja. He begged and plead his parents at age 12 to the iwagakure ninja academy and after thinking they decided to let him go, at first he was having  trouble with his Jutsu. Finding there son was having trouble they helped and he quickly got better. When the time of the genim exams came he passed with flying colors.

Genin Years-
Starting off as a Genin he was shy and didn't talk well but was basically a prodigy in the works, his team mates how ever where loud crude and rude but he came to like then. Their sensei trying to make then great Genin and soon churning pushed them to their complete limits almost killing them multiple times. The chuunin exams came around and saso's team quickly signed up, they easily passed the written and then came another test which was the forest of death which soon ended with Saso going to the third round but his team mates dead still inside the forest of death. Saso quickly dominated the third battle round and became a chuunin.

As a chuunin Saso went on a lot of solo missions and some missions with his sensei. After several missions he was promoted to an elite jounin.

Elite jounin-
at the age of 19 as an elite jounin he went on a lot of dangerous missions, again with his sensei and some other jounin. He taught a group of Genin who he taught to respect each other and others along with how to be powerful and after along run with them they be came chuunin and went on with their lives. 

A big attack was lead against iwagakure on saso's 26 birthday, he didn't know who it was but they attacked his village. They killed all the jounin and anbu except him and his sensei but soon they killed his sensei too. As the only remaining jounin at the time he fought and killed the attackers and because they also killed the Tsuchikage befor his sensei he was named the new Tsuchikage of iwagakure.
Saso is a nice guy not ever not once being a cold hearted bastard but only against his enemies. At times of bad  matters he gets very serious and not giving a shiz about anything else. Besides being serious he is usually wanting to have fun playing with the kids in the village and also some of the Genin. He has great control of his emotions but never really displays a emotionless face unless needed. He likes to joke around a lot but not getting to serious with the jokes
Appearance: Saso Uzumaki 23t58qg
Element(s): Lightning, fire and Wind
Clan: Uzumaki
Kekkei Genkai: N/A
Clan Element: N/A

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Saso Uzumaki Empty Re: Saso Uzumaki

Post by Kaito Uchiha on Sun Sep 02, 2012 11:17 pm


Saso Uzumaki 2ah9s9w

Taijutsu: 60
Ninjutsu: 100
Genjutsu: 80
Tools: 40
Kaito Uchiha
Kaito Uchiha

Dojutsu :
  • Sharingan

Element(s): :
  • Fire
  • Lightning

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